FIGA Restaurant on Munjoy Hill Reinventing Itself for Next Year


IMG_3876By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,441)

Lee Farrington  the owner/chef of the former FIGA Restaruant, 219 Congress Street, said today that she and her partner will be reopening the business under a new name – LB – her initials and that of her partner. Initially, it will be open for lunch with dinner coming at a later day. Farrington said that there will be an entirely different theme than existed previously.  FIGA closed its doors on December 29, 2012 after being open for several years.  It has been closed since that time.

Farrington has worked as a private chef,  cared for her four year old daughter,and remarried in that three year period.   Actually, a lot of that time was spent caring for her daughter who is now in school.  “It helps when your child goes to school,” she said.
Timing is everything.’

The only bad news here is that the couple does not expect LB. to open until February or March 2016.