Fourth of July Celebration Has Traditional Theme Minus Guest Artist

A Traditional Theme with no Guest Artist is Planned for This Year's Celebration

A Traditional Theme with no Guest Artist is Planned for This Year’s Celebration

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,589)

The sixth annual Fourth of July celebration – “Stars and Stripes Spectacular” – will return to the Eastern Promenade this summer according to plans announced by the non-profit responsible for organizing and financing the event.  This year’s celebration  will deviate from recent celebrations because there will be no guest artists showcased as attendees had come to expect. No reason has been given for this change in plans. .

Six years ago the then city manager, Joe Gray, Jr., eliminated the celebration from the city’s budget because of a lack of funds.  Jon Jennings, current city manager, stepped up and organized the non-profit to keep the tradition going.

Attendees had gotten used to having special guests perform on the Eastern Prom since the non-profit organized it.  Last year singer Melissa Manchester entertained the crowd with her hits.  Prior to that singer Don McLean regaled the crowd with his hits – including American Pie.  McLean, a resident of Camden, had a well-published  brush with the law for domestic violence against his long-time  wife.  It is believed they are divorcing.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Great Fire of Portland.  A special tribute to that event will be held.

Rain date is Tuesday, July 5th.  Please view for more details.