Ft. Gorges Receives Grant to Fund a Preservation Plan

A Portion of Fort Gorges That Could be Saved if Action is Taken Immediately.

A Portion of Fort Gorges That Could be Saved if Action is Taken Immediately.

By Carol McCracken  (Pos # 2,590)

The Friends of Fort Gorges was recently awarded a $5,000 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation from the Northeast Intervention Fund according to a press release issued from the City’s spokeswoman.  This money will be used to fund a “preservation plan” for the Fort and assist with a required matching commitment for a recently awarded Certified Local Government fund.

The preservation plan will provide baseline information for the Fort’s maser plan.  Archives funded by his grant will include 3d scanning, digital documentation, mortar analysis, history and preservation philosophy, structural and code assessments and a recommendations report.

The Fort, see above photo, was named for Sir Ferdinando Gorges, born a commoner from England.  Gorges had ambitious plans for the colonization of Maine, but died before he saw the fruits of those dreams.  Surprisingly, Gorges never set foot in Maine.  In his book “The Lobster Coast,” Colin Woodard, writes a comprehensive account of the life of Gorges.  The book was published in 2004 by Penguin Books in paperback.

“Thanks to  this grant from the National Trust for  Historic Preservation and a matching gift, we’re now very close to meeting our goal of fully funding the preservation plan.  Once funded, the preservation plan will provide us with the information we need to prioritize and fund the various projects necessary to save the Fort,” emailed Paul Drinan, Executive Director of the Friends of Fort Gorges to mhn.com today.  Drinan formerly lived on Munjoy Hill and now lives elsewhere in Portland.

The Friends of Fort Gorges is committed to the restoration of Fort Gorges and ensuring access to facilitate its educational and cultural potential.

Please visit www.friendsoffortgorges.org for more information.  See above photo of Fort Gorges.