Starbucks Coffee Employees in Old Port of Portland Vote to Unionize!


Starbucks Coffee, at the Corner of Middle Street and Exchange Street in the Old Port was Closed Today Because of an Election on Whether or not to Unionize was  Taking Place There.

The Old Port Starbucks Coffee was Closed Today for the Election on Whether or Not to Unionize.  It’s Located at the Corner of Exchange and Middle Streets.

“We won.  The union is official,” emailed Mandie Cantrell to this blogger earlier this evening.  Cantrell was referring to a vote that took place throughout today – a vote to determine whether or not to unionize.  A happy Cantrell emailed the results to this blogger.  No more details were available at this time.

This election to unionize makes the Starbucks Coffee in Portland the second to unionize in the state of Maine. The first to unionize is the store in Biddeford.

Please see previous blog for more background information on the effort to unionize at Starbucks Coffee in the Old Port of Portland as well as a press release from Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) with her one page letter to the President and CEO of Starbucks Coffee.