Jeff Tarling Recognized by Rotary Club With its Highest Honor


Jeff Tarling, City Arborist, When he Established the Mount Joy Orchard, on Munjoy Hill Eight Years Ago.

Jeff Tarling, city arborist, was named a Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary Club’s highest honor, last night at the city council meeting by Mayor Kate Snyder.

“The Paul Harris Fellow recognizes your significant contributions to the Portland community.  As the city arborist for over 33 years, you’ve beautified our communities through tree plantings and landscaping, making the Forest City a healthy and positive place to live.  Rotary treasures its decades long partnership with you and the city of Portland,” stated Patty Byers, Rotary Club of Portland, Foundation Chair.

“During Jeff’s 33 years as the city of Portland’s arborist, it is estimated that he has overseen the planting of over 5,775 street trees, along with tens of thousands of plug seedlings in our open spaces,” said Ethan Hipple, the city’s Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities.”

This blogger remembers eight years ago when Jeff Tarling and others planted fruit trees at the newly established Mount Joy Orchard, on North Street, on Munjoy Hill. Sixty students from the nearby East End Community School, attended the event. At the event Tarling and others planted 12 apple trees.  The Mount Joy Community Garden has since grown significantly over the years.  Following his recognition by Mayor Snyder, Tarling told this blogger that part of the reason for the establishment of the Mount Joy Community Garden was that then Mayor Michael Brennan said he wanted to see more fruit trees in the city of Portland.  One result was the establishment of this Orchard on   Munjoy HIll.  Tarling told this blogger last night that last year he was at the Mount Joy Community Orchard when he met a “New Mainer” raking and weeding around the apple trees.  The “New Mainer” told Tarling:  “This is what we do where I come from.”

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