Standing On My Two Feet !

Back on my Own Two Feet1

Back on my Own Two Feet -These are Not Mine, They Belong to Chris McCabe Former Hill Resident After He Ran a Competitive Race.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 2,576)

Last Sunday morning was a great day for skiing -so I took off for the Head Wall at Tuckerman’s,Ravine in the White Mountains.  The run started out well..  The sun was out, the snow was perfect, no winds. This blogger looked forward to a great run down the famous Head Wall.  That’s until I ran smack into something in my way.  Well, that’s a good story so far….but its’ not true!

The truth is, I slipped (would you believe on a banana peel ?) on my kitchen floor Sunday morning pouring a cup of coffee.   I fell hard.  I ended up at the Emergency Room at Maine Medical Center – where I spent most of the day while photos were taken of my right knee area.   I broke my leg!  Fortunately, no surgery is needed. My right leg is in an “enabler: soft cast for a while. And I’m using a walker.  Llfe is both simple and complicated at the same time.

It’s important for me to give a very public thanks to the Munjoy Hill Fire Station ambulance crew.  They were here so fast (well, my apartment IS right across the street from the Station )  so professional of course  and reassuring most of all  – thank you Paul, Jonathan and the others whose names I can’t remember in the surprise of the moment. Also a BIG thanks for the AtHome program on the Hill run by Elaine Mulllins.  She has been super shopping for me and as a nurse assisting me with suggestions to make this situation easier to manage! Thanks, Elaine.

So, I won’t be attending any meetings at city hall (that will make some people happy, I know!) or other meetings elsewhere for a while.  I expect sometime to get this log up and running fully as soon as I can, but that will be a while.   Right now I just want to rest!

And watch the political comedies/tragedies on television unfold and read some good books when I feel good enough to do that!


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