St. Paddy’s Day at Bull Feeney’s in the Old Port

Jessie Signorelli, Brian Carlone & Jessie Signorelli at Bull Feeney’s Today. Brian is from Portland and the Young Ladies are From the Boston Area.

“It’s been crazy today,” said one of the bartenders at Bull Feeney’s late this afternoon. But not “crazy, crazy, like last year he said. “That’s because last year St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Saturday and so celebrators were out and about more than today.

Scott McGiver, Dana Codrey and Chris Hanson This Afternoon.
Hank Breslin, a Marine Engineer. Hank I Will Keep Working to Get This Photo Right Side Up!

Bull Feeney’s tried something different today. For the first time, the popular Irish bar ion Fore Street in the Old Port served two buffet brunches. One was on the upper floor and the other on the first floor. It was done to lessen the intensity for the kitchen crew and it seemed to have been successful said Rieesa Martin, manager on duty when arrived. It might be repeated next year although that has not been decided yet.

Randy Billings Playing Bass with the Mapper Tandies Today.

For anyone who might be wondering what Randy Billings, reporter for “The Portland Press Herald” does in his spare time, he plays bass with the Mapper Tandies who were playing at Bull Feeney’s today. Doug Fuss of Munjoy Hill owns this iconic bar.

It was crazy with fun!