SolaRISE Portland Installs Solar Lean-to at East End Community School


The New Lean-to, a 12-Panel Demonstration Solar Array Has Been  Installed at East End Community School Recently.  It’s an Educational Lean-to as Well as One Designed to Save the Elementary School Almost $700. per Year.

The Invcrtor Box That Revision Energy Electricians Installed at the Array on June 22, 2023.

Electricians from RevisionEnergy Pose in Front of the Solar Array on June 22, 2023.  Caleb Turner, Crew Lead, is Second From Right. VISIT:

SolaRISE Portland, a collaboration of stakeholders, has recently completed the installation of a 12-panel demonstration solar array lean-to on the East End Community School campus on Munjoy Hill, according to Derek Pierce, Principal of Casco Bay High School.

It’s a demonstration project to educate students on solar energy.  But it is much more than that as well.  It’s expected the array will generate an estimated 4.282K WH of electricity every year and save EECS nearly $700. annually based on current rates.

SolaRISE Portland began as a small group of Casco Bay High School students researching the possibility of installing solar panels on the school’s roof.  The idea quickly expanded into a plan to solarize all of Portland’s public schools.  “We developed a non-profit organization, Sola/RISE Portland, and partnered with Portland students, teachers and city officials as well as the Sierra Club’s Climate Action Team and ReVision Energy to craft a proposal to share with the city,” said Pierce.

The non-profit raised $25,000. through corporate sponsorships, grants, fundraisers and donations.  That effort began back on May 4, 2019, when the non-profit led a march through the streets of Portland.  Students of all ages spoke about solar energy and its benefits for our community and our evironment.

Builder Joe O’Donnell built the structure.  He said that one of the major decisions involving the project was where to cite the structure.  It was finally decided to place it where it is so that the view of the waterfront for students would not be obstructed by the building.  Benches are planned to be erected under the structure starting this fall by O’Donnell.

“SolaRISE Portland believes our city and school facilities should reflect our community’s values and be a teaching tool for sustainability and environmental stewardship.  We hope this demonstration array inspires future students to continue Portland’s and the world’s transition towards a green and sustainable future,” wrote Derek Pierce.