Ebenezer Akakpo’s Boutique Showcases Creativity of Winning Bus Shelter Artist


Ebenezer Akakpo at His Boutique This Afternoon.  He Has  a Big Laugh to go With His Big Smile.

T-Shirts, both Long-Sleeved and Sleevless, Are for Sale at Boutique at Affordable Prices.

Akakpo is Nationally-Known for his Bus Shelter “Best Bus Stop” Award. The Colorful Winning Design is Located at 519 Congress Street, Near Mechanics Hall and Put Portland on the National Map for His Winning Design.

Some of the Lovely Earrings for Sale at the Akakpo Store at 132 Washington Avenue at Affordable Prices.  The Store was Formerly an Indigo Arts Alliance Artist Showroom.

Creativity oozes from every pore of his being.  Or at least it seemed that way after meeting Ebenezer Akakpo at his boutique at 132 Washington Avenue on Munjoy Hill this afternoon. That’s where this blogger learned that he is also last year’s winner of the “Best Bus Stop” national competition.  Who knew?

Akakpo, 47, came to this country over twenty years ago from Ghana.  His late father, an architect, encouraged him to create jewelry. rather than to pursue a career in architecture in Ghana. That’s because most architectural work is done with the government.  And when the government changes administrations, there is no guarantee payment will follow.

Wisely, he took his late father’s advice.   The result is lovely, delicate jewelry, earrings and necklaces that are hard to resist – and this blogger didn’t try to!

There is something for everyone in this boutique – clothing, tote bags, coasters, water bottles and of course – jewelry..  His mother is a business woman in Ghana with a focus on fabrics.

The gregarious Akakpo studied jewelry design and stone setting in Florence, Italy between 1997 – 1998.  He moved to the United States in 1998 to study metal smithing at Maine College of Art (MECA).

Akakpo said that he understood early on that “technology would revolutionize the way we make art.”   So, he took a two year course on technology in Portland. Following that, he studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  “When I was growing up, we always looked forward to our education.  That was key,” said Akakpo this afternoon.

A very talented artist, Akakpo is nationally known for his “Best Bus Stop” designation awarded last year by Streetsblog.  In his winning Bus Stop Shelter competition, Akakpo incorporated Ghanaian Adinkra  Symbols – Hope & Frendship – in the steel cut design of the winning bus shelter at 519 Congress Street.

These same two symbols and many more are themes in his jewelry and other items on sale at 132 Washington Avenue, formerly an Indigo Arts Alliance Artist Showroom according to Fowzia, store manager and a senior in the USM IT program.  “Which Adinkra Symbol speaks to you?” Akakpo asks in perfect English.

Akakpo is a Portland-based PC Support Specialist for the Maine Turnpike Authority. He has been in that position for over twenty-years. In his limited spare time, he attends craft shows across New England, including one at Thompson’s Point.  On Sunday, Akakpo will participate int the annual Bath Heritage Days 2023 – weather permitting. .

In October of 2022, Akakpo was featured in YANKEE magazine for his winning bus shelter design.

“The patterns represented in my pieces are called ‘Adrinkra Symbols,’ a visual language integral to my native country of Ghana.  It is my work as an artist to evoke emotion and help others celerate their own personal stories,” is his mission statement on display at his boutique.

Currently the boutique is open on Thursday from 3:00 – 6:00 pm; Friday and Saturday from noon – 6:00 pm. As the summer season unfolds, the open hours will expand as well.  Visit:  www.akakpo.com for more.