Ship “RawFaith” Changes Course


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 324)

The boating business can change as quickly as the wind does and that is exactly what happened to the ship RawFaith said her captain, George McKay several days ago.  The ship arrived at Portland Yacht Services several days before Halloween as a refuge from a storm she’d encountered on her way to Salem, Massachusetts and eventually to Brazil for work on her bottom.

The winds have changed apparently and RawFaith will be spending the winter in Portland – somewhere.  Captain McKay does not yet know where that will be, but it won’t be at PYS at the bottom of the Hill.  “We will be doing some serious upgrade work during the winter,” the Captain said.

Captain McKay is hopeful that he’ll be sailing around Portland Harbor next spring with wheelbound people as his guests.  For background information on RawFaith, please read post # 316, written on November 2nd herein.