Business Beat: Laura Ker, Owner of “Find” & Purveyor of Top Quality Vintage Clothing


Laura Ker Owner of FIND (Apologies if this doesn't come out right side up; don' know how to fix it!)

By Carol McCracken (Post # 323)

“My goal is to be the second hand store with the best selection in Portland,” said Laura Ker, as we sat in a front corner of her new store on  Halloween Day last month.  The day was as gorgeous as today and shoppers were streaming into Find most of the afternoon.  Find is located at 16 Free Street in the Old Port.  The day was also her Grand Opening.

Laura, her husband Bob and 2 year old son moved to the Hill from Rockland several months ago.  She’d been selling vintage clothes on Ebay successfully and knew she wanted to open up her own business here in Portland.   August 18   Laura’s dream came true.  She opened the doors to her new business and by all accounts she’s on-track to meet her goal. 

Find is open 7 days a week with hours varying slightly on weekends.  Laura is on the job most days and is ready to consider buying “gently used goods” for both men and women.  She emphasizes that she’s selective about what she sells in her store.  “We are a small store, so we make sure everything on the racks is top quality,” said Laura.  “People bring in clothes and we offer them cash or credit for the items we can sell,” she added.  No appointment is necessary.

Men and women shop in vintgage shops like Laura’s to save money.  Many, like Laura, are concerned about the social and environmental cost of producing new clothing as well.  “Some people like to mix vintage fashion with modern clothes,” Laura said.  She prefers 60s and 70s clothes because of the bright colors and exaggerated lines.

See ya’ there!

Please call 699-4285 for more details or email