Sheridan Street Townhouses Submit Development Plans


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,559)

Plans for a 5-unit residential complex with attached garage were forwarded to the city’s planning office late last month for its consideration by Stephen R. Bushey, project engineer. The proposed development is located at 152-156 Sheridan Street (near Walnut Street) on Munjoy Hill and is alternately referred to as “townhouses” or “apartment” complex. That’s probably because the top unit, with three bedrooms, is expected to be owner occupied with the option of selling or renting the lower units that include four 2-bedroom units.

The approximately 10,502 square feet of undeveloped land was purchased from Art Girard, A&M Partners, LLC with roughly 117 LF of frontage on Sheridan Street.  The property is steeply sloped from the street and consequently the applicant, New Day Farm, LLC., is proposing to construct a pier supported structure thus minimizing any disturbance to the slope.

In keeping with city planning requirements, the development team has scheduled a neighborhood meeting for Tuesday, November 19th at 6 pm at the St. Lawrence Arts Center, Theatre Room.   The first workshop with the Planning Board is scheduled for Tuesday, November 26th afternoon. The public is welcome to attend.

David Lloyd is the architect.