(SCOOP) Planning Official to be Promoted to Waterfront Coordinator

Bill Needleman, to be Promoted to Waterfront Coordinator in December.

Bill Needelman, to be Promoted to Waterfront Coordinator in December.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1 ,558)

Bill Needelman, a senior planner for Portland,  is to be promoted to Waterfront Coordinator next month,  an anonymous source close to the situation confirmed this afternoon.  Needelman is a Portland native and has long been responsible for waterfront zoning and other issues for the planning office.

Prior to the Needelman appointment, Bob Leeman  was the Waterfront  Coordinator.  He replaced Captain Jeff Monroe, who was largely responsible for the Ocean Gateway terminal and was relieved of his responsibilities by former city manager Joe Gray, Jr. Some say in a power struggle.

Portland waterfront property owner Phin Sprague, Jr. said of the appointment:  “I like Bill!  He has been great to work with. I hope the city provides him with the resources necessary to make an impact and to carry waterfront needs back to the manager and council.  This could be an important appointment.”