Setting Firecrackers at City Hall is Dangerous; Remember 1866?


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,267)

Calling a press conference would have been a much better way to handle this situation!  It would have cleared the air and left no residue behind, like a firecracker does. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Read on…..

For those members of the city council who believe that the Mayor is not authorized by the city charter to make representations on behalf of the city he recently made – call a press conference and explain why there is disagreement. Take questions.  And answer them. Maybe it won’t happen again. Presumably there is  nothing in the City Charter that prevents press conferences from happening. Setting a firecracker at city hall is a dangerous thing to do. It leaves a smelly residue as well.  Especially when there is no one around  to explain what the smell is about. That seems to be what happened yesterday at city hall.

A flame thrower in his own right Councilor Ed Suslovic (D) went to the press and complained about how the Mayor is doing things in Portland.  Apparently, he was supported by councilor Jon Hinck and some other varying degrees.  It is not the first time that Suslovic has clashed with Mayor Brennan – who by the way he endorsed enthusiastically for his run as Mayor almost four years ago now.  Suslovic has been outspoken in the past on certain matters – like how Shipyard Brewing Company should repay a water bill that the company was mistakenly never billed by the city. Suslovic was asked to back-off because negotiations were underway by the city at the time. That’s far from the only time he’s been told to muzzle it.  His outspoken words on how the Occupiers in Lincoln Park should be dealt with. It wasn’t pretty.  HIs disregard for the City’s Fire Department and attempt to dismantle it in  preference for the Portland Police Department is legendary.   A flame thrower is probably not the best messenger to be setting fire crackers at city hall.  Muzzle it, Councilor!

To boot, Suslovic fled to Russia – not to return for two weeks. No one is around to pick up the smelly residue.   Leaving fire crackers unattended is a dangerous way to operate.  How convenient for Suslovic to sneak off to Russia. Councilors who expect the public to accept  big changes in their neighborhoods need to be willing to accep big changes themselves in how the city functions.

Governing by innuendos and accusations dispensed in a protected  environment where accountability is not allowed smells bad.  It’s not fair to voters of Portland. It’s not fair to anyone. Voters deserve a public opportunity to learn whether these are politically motivated accusations  or are legitimate concerns.

Most know what unattended, smoldering fire crackers did to the City back on the Fourth of July in  1866 – if you don’t know,  it set the city on fire and destroyed much of it.  Rebuilding took a long time.

If Suslovic or others are disappointed with the Mayor and want to run for city council in November, go for it!