Senator Susan Collins – “Where Are You? We Have Questions for You!”


Senator Susan Collins (R) has no intention of coming back to the Portland area to meet with her constituents in a Town Hall forum. She has made that clear!  Despite repeated requests from groups in the area and queries to her press agent in Washington, D.C., Annie Clark, from there has been no statement issued that responds to these numerous requests.  (Ms. Clark does not acknowledge the receipt of press inquiries even, much less respond to them!)

Rather, the Senator prefers to hide out like a coward on Capitol Hill – preferring to let her Portland staff and others around the state take the brunt of the frustration of constituents.  Constituents  want  justifications for some of her votes and other important matters before her. Constituents who are entitled to them.

Senator Collins:  You are not self-employed, although you act like you are. You work for the voters who hired you to represent our values and concerns in Washington, D.C.  If you can’t do the job you were hired to do, resign and find another one.

And there is plenty for her to respond to.  Each week that she avoids facing Portland area voters, the pile of questions gets deeper and deeper and deeper and more concerning to her constituents.  Why did she support Jeff Sessions for attorney general?  If there is no outside and independent investigation of Chump Trump’s ties to Russia as the Republicans and Angus King (I) want, should Sessions recuse himself from the investigation?  (As part of the Trump Transition Team, would he be an un- biased AG – able to objectively carry out his duties?)

What about the Affordable Health Care?  Will she stand up for the many, many, thousands of Mainers who depend on it rather than give in to Congressman Paul Ryan’s efforts to dismantle it?  What does Senator Collins think of the on-going ‘blame the media’ tactics of Chump Trump rather than taking responsibility for his shameful and incoherent  missteps in his first month of office?  We’d like to know what the Maine Senator thinks about all of this and more.

By not responding to her constituents except selectively, the Senator is part of the on-going Freak Show that is led by Chump Trump in D.C. Is that an association she wants to maintain or dissociate herself from?  Hiding behind an overwhelmed and mostly unresponsive office staff is not the solution.

Come Home Senator!  We Need Answers to our Questions! Come Home to your Constituents!  We are waiting.