Why Senator Collins Opposes Impeachment Inquiry; (Get THIS One)


This Sign is Flexible Because She can Pull A Tab Out and Replace it With Another One!

By Marie Follayttar, Director of Mainers for Accountable Leadership.  (MFAL).

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) warned that impeachment will interfere with Senate business while 100 + pieces of House legislation sit on the Majority Leader’s desk she told NPR’s Mal Leary this morning.

“Speaker Pelosi did her job and passed over 100 pieces of legislation including protections for DREAMERS, gun control and health care legislation and they are sitting on the Senate Majority Leader’s desk awaiting a vote.  “Moscow” McConnell is interfering with Senate business and Senator Collins is silent.  Representatives Pingree and Golden did their job voting yes or no on the legislation in the House.

An impeachment inquiry began because Trump asked another country to interfere in our election and because he is under investigation for a dozen other impeachable offenses.  Collins refuses to comment on the scope of the investigation and his behavior beyond one mild rebuke on China.  This is intolerable.

Now, Senator Collins is ‘concerned’ that impeachment will interfere with Senate business.  If she were truly concerned about the disruption of business she would have respected the work of her colleagues who also work for constituents and would have called on the Senate Majority Leader to hold a vote on legislation passed by the House.

It is Senator Collins’ job to deliberate over impeachment if it reaches the Senate.  During the Senate work period, Senator Collins was out of state at fundraisers and did not hold one open event for her constituents to address THEIR concerns with her.

She needs to start doing her job –  protecting the constitution and representing  Mainers.”

Please visit post herein dated October 5, 2019 for Collins reaction to Trump’s China invitation to gather “dirt” on VP Joe Biden.