Senator Collins Not So Moderate or Bipartisan Says ‘MFAL’


Senator Susan Collins (R) Avoided Meeting with Her Maine Constituents – “Missing”

Senator Susan Collins (R) was recently ranked as the most bipartisan representative in the US Senate according to The Lugar Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of public Policy.

Not everyone agrees with that ranking.

Although Mainers for Accountable Leadership acknowledges this recognition for Collins’ “bipartisan sponsorship of bills with Democrats.  Mainers care about how Collins votes and not how she postures,” wrote Marie F. Smith in a press release just issued.

“Right now Senator Collins is voting with Trump 88% of the time and rubber stamping a right wing extremist agenda.  In Director and former Senator Lugar’s own words – ‘Trump has pushed the crowded Republican field rightward.’  We doubt the Lugar Center Index of bi-partisanship is a useful or relevant Index in these abnormal times,” Smith continued in the same press release.

“We hope that Senator Collins can be inspired by this award to actually reach the common sense center as she votes.  Maine people have a proud history of being moderate.  Collins is neither moderate nor particularly bi-partisan,” wrote Gordon Adams. a co-leader of the MFAL.