Secretary Bellows Testifies in Opposition to Legislation Requiring Voters to Show Specific ID to Receive a Ballot


A Message from a Resident on North Street, Portland.

Today, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows testified in opposition to legislation which would require Maine voters to provide specific types of IDs to receive a ballot.

“The constitutional right to vote, guaranteed to all Maine citizens, is fundamental to our democracy and voters should have the freedom to vote equally and any bill that infringes on that freedom should be viewed with the strictest scrutiny with regards to the need and the public interest,” said Secretary Bellows. “Forcing people to carry a specific type of photo identification to vote would result in logistical challenges, financial burdens and potential discimination.  Maine elections are free, safe and secure and Maine law requires proof of identity should be shown at the point of voter registration.  L.D. 34 would increase costs, complications and consequences to our elecdtions and turn eligible voters away.”

“While other states like Florida seek to suppress voters rights, Maine citizens can be assured that its Democratic leadership in Augusta is committed to preserving the right of Mainers to vote unhampered by the autocrats running the Republican party,” said