Sebago Man Arrested Following Assault on Portland Waterfront


Stephen Thuotte, 62, of Sebago was arrested on Monday, May 13, 2024 with multiple charges.

On Monday, May 13, 2024, Portdland Police were called to the Portland Fish Pier at 300 Commercial Street for a report of a man being attacked.  Upon arrival, the victim stated that he had been attacked by a man who was currently on a boat docked in the area.  He suffered non-life threatening injuries.

When Police arrived the suspect was on the boat and refused to answer any attempts to contact him.  He later came out of the cabin and exposed himself to officers before yelling expletives towards them.  He then returned to the cabin and started the engine and began to untie docking lines.  At this point, officers were able to pepper spray the individual before being forced to use their tasers to subdue him.

Investigators are urging anyone who has any information that may assist in this or any other case to call 207 – 8575.