Sea Kayaks Now for Sale on Portland’s Maine Wharf on Waterfront


Harley Lewin, Owner of Nanuo Kayaking, 68 Commercial Street, on the Portland Waterfront.

Paddles for Sale Modeled After Eskimo Skin-on-Frame at The Shop.

Kate Webber, of Boston, Poses with a Sea Kayak Yesterday Afternoon. The cost is almost $6,000. Due to its Composition of carbon/kevlar Exclusively That is More Expensive Than Fiberglass.

“Sea kayaks are for the adventuresome,” said Harley Lewin, owner of Nanuo Kayaking, yesterday afternoon as a rain storm pounded the roof of The Shop on Maine Wharf.  After watching a short video of  experienced kayakers around the world dueling mother nature, this blogger was easily convinced – sea kayaks are for the adventuresome and not for the faint of heart!

Lewin, a trademark attorney, has kayaked all over the world and the US; he’s  an expert on the subject.   He began kayaking about twenty-five (25) years ago in Boothbay Harbor. He was hooked.  He soon learned that the only factor that determined how long he could stay off shore was the amount of fresh water he could take with him.

The sea kayaks Levin sells, in a recently renovated Shop behind Scales the popular seafood restaurant, are made overseas; Wales, Poland and the United Kingdom.  “These kayaks will take you anywhere you want to go in any kind of weather with the right kind of gear.”  These kayaks are “light, stiff and extremely strong,” Lewin said.  “They are 100% reliable.”

Their cost ranges from $3,800  upwards.  The cost depends on their composition.  The more carbon/kevlar the more expensive the kayak. The more fiberglass, the less expensive because it is cheaper to produce.

These kayaks can be used for racing purposes, but are primarily used for those seeking adventure!

A compelling display of paddles sits next to Lewin’s desk.  “They are so handsome that sometimes people purchase them for decoration.  Sometimes they are used for decoration around a fireplace,” he said.

“These are ocean  boats,” says Lewin.  “You wear them, because there are only two or three inches of freeboard.”  That’s the space between you and the sea.

For more information, please visit or call Lewin at 207 – 805-6884.  The Shop is closed on Monday and Tuesday.  It’s located at 68 Commercial Street.