Sagamore Hill Lounge Recalls Presidential History; Opens June 1st


A Kudu, from Africa; a Moose; and a Wildebeast, also From Africa Mounted on One of the Walls of  the Soon to Open Sagamore Hill Lounge;  150 Park Street at the Corner of Congress Street.

John Watson, Bartender at Sagamore Hill Lounge, Formerly at the Top of the East at the Westin Hotel.

The Bar at Sagamore Hill Lounge with the Tap Tower at Right.

Infused with presidential history everywhere you look is a new upscale bar – Sagamore Hill Lounge – scheduled to open on Friday, June 1st.  Sagamore Hill, New York,  was the summer home of the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt.

In fact the spacious lounge is modeled after what Sagamore Hill would look like if it were constructed today.  Above the bar ceiling is  a skeletal hull of a ship – a tribute to TR’s service as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. All that is missing is a view of Long Island Sound.

Ryan Deskins, is a history buff and owner of Sagamore Hill Lounge.  It’s so easy to see his passion for presidential history reflected in all aspects of his new bar. That includes even the names of the speciality drinks.  “We have a great cocktail program.  They are made with ingredients that are not foreign to the public,” said Deskins.

Drinks are named after and inspired by Presidential summer retreats. There is the Poplar Forest, a summer retreat of Thomas Jefferson and Campobello the summer retreat of Franklin D. Roosevelt. No mention was made of a drink named Mara-Logo, Trumps’ Florida hideaway.

But, one drink is called the 45th, named for President Trump.  It’s an empty glass that costs $2,500. per cocktail. It’s an empty glass that is full of regrets! Deskins and his bar manager John Watson collaborated on the project.

It’s a spacious bar of 1,700 sq. ft. – seating 60 indoors and 38 when the outdoor area opens.   It’s the only bar where a group of four or more can sit together. “We are a neighborhood bar and a gateway to the West End and all of its tremendous offerings,” said Deskins.

For his entire adult life, Deskins has wanted to own a bar. “Portland is the best place in New England to do this.” he said.  “People are out and about.” Deskins was formerly in the advertising business in Philadelphia, PA.  That’s where he learned about “branding” – a skill that has been crucial to his establishment of Sagamore Hill. Deskins is  from West Virginia originally where he studied journalism.

Sagamore Hill Lounge opens on Friday, June 1st that coincides with the First Friday Art Walk. Following that, Sagamore will be open M-F from 4:00 pm – 1:00 am; Saturday and Sunday from Noon – 1:00 am.  Year round.