“Trumpcare” Will Hurt Thousands of Mainers Relying on the “ACA”


Speaker Paul Ryan Discussing “Trumpcare” this Afternoon on Television.

The Donald President’s Health Care Plan is Under Criticism From All Sides.

“We are extremely concerned about the very real and dangerous implications of Speaker Ryan’s plan.  It’s not surprising this plan was kept secret until the last-minute – even a quick review suggests it will create chaos in the system and leave people worse off than before.    This plan seems to do almost everything that most Americans oppose: fewer people will be covered, costs will be higher and basic protections will be lost,” wrote Emily Brostek, executive director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care, in a press release issued earlier today.  The press release was in response to the roll out of Speaker Ryan’s long promised repeal and replacement of the popular Affordable Care Act.

“What possible good can come from raising the cost of health care for seniors, blocking women from cancer screenings and making it harder for our communities to get ahead of the opioid epidemic?

“Here in Maine we take pride in our ability to work together to find common sense solutions to difficult problems.  We know Senators Collins and King share these values.  Maine people are counting on them to protect high-quality, affordable coverage – not take away health insurance from millions and raise premiums for millions more.”

“This legislation has just seen the light of day – no official analysis has been done of its cost or its impact.  Campaign promises shouldn’t supersede care and common sense.  Whatever Congress ultimately does must be an overall improvement to the current system, not make it harder for individuals, small business owners, family doctors and our rural hospitals to make ends meet.”

“Repealing the Affordable Care Act, “ACA” without an effective replacement plan is more than irresponsible.  We know what’s at stake.  We’ve already lived the consequences of a broken health care system.  And here in Maine, we know what can happen when state lawmakers are allowed to block opportunities for individuals to obtain affordable coverage.”

“Insurance is about peace of mind.  We don’t need more upheaval and uncertainty.  We’re counting on Senators Collins and King to make sure Congress gets this right.  And on behalf of Maine consumers, we welcome any opportunity to work with them in the weeks to come.”