Rumormill on Munjoy Hill

The Hilltop Superette is Scheduled to be Sold to a New Owner on January 3, 2019.  Formerly it was Colucci’s Market.

The first rumor on Munjoy Hill is that the Hilltop Superette is in the process of being sold according to those familiar with the situation.   The closing is scheduled for January 3, 2019.  The popular convenience store has been for sale to anyone willing to pay his price owner Bill Simpson told several years ago.

The Rosemont Bakery, at 5 Commercial Street, closed its doors on November 21, 2018.  Employees of that popular convenience store will be incorporated into some of their stores.  The rumor is that the reason for the closing is that the landlord increased its rent by double.  Ouch!!

Last, HamiltonMarine, the popular discount marine  store  located at 100 Fore Street, has had its moving date changed.  It’s now scheduled for sometime in early 2019.  The store is moving to 195 Presumpscot Street.   Currently, work is being performed on that building – like painting, new light fixtures and more before it can be utilized by Hamilton Marine.  Please read post herein dated July 6, 2018 for more information. 

Jonathan Cohen, owner of  the 100 Fore  Street property, has testified at city meetings that he intends to convert the Hamilton Marine section of the building into a private physical fitness center for use by the employees of the nearby WEX headquarters.  The rest of the building will be torn down and turned into an almost 600 car parking garage and retail space.   Cianbro has set up a site adjoining the building in preparation for tearing it down.  It is not known when that will happen. 

One of the partners of CPB2LLC has stated that it is not yet “set in stone” but the partnership expects to start demolishing buildings at Portland Foreside in January or February 2019.