Rosemont Neighborhood Receives Parcel From Land Bank


A new parcel of land has been added to the wooded area known as Redlon Woods in the Rosemont neighborhood of Portland.  It will expand the wooded area and will maintain the open space and contribute to a healthy forest, wetlands and most importantly climate mitigation benefits according to a press release issued by the city this morning.

This project was made possible by generous donations from residents of the Rosemondt neighborhood, as well as contributions from the City Land Bank Fund.  Each year, the City Council allocates an amount equal to 0.5% of the total Capital Improvement Plan budget to the Land Bank Fund, which can be used for acquisition and protection of the open spaces throughout the city of Portland.

“This purchase was a great opportunity for the neighborhood to come together and preserve open space..  We are so grateful to continue to share these woods for generations,” said Henry Powell, a Rosemont neighbor/