Root Wild Brewery Grand Opening Tomorrow, October 20th – Noon On!


Owners Reid Emmerick, John Paul and Tom Madden at the Washington Avenue Brewery Recently.

Kate and Reid Emmerick, Owners at the Wild Root, on Washington Avenue,Earlier This Week.

The Grand Opening of Root Wild Brewery is set for tomorrow, Saturday, October 20th, 135  Washington Avenue.  The event runs from noon until 8:00 pm.  There have been several soft openings this week,  but this is the big event that loyal supporters have been waiting for.

First, the interior is a bright and cheery tasting room that invites the public to come in and enjoy the all that it has to offer.  It’s such a pleasure because other tasting rooms are so dark and to discourage some to come in – especially with the dark winter months arriving so  soon.  Reid did much of the essential carpentry work inside with tools he had to purchase never having needed them previously.  Most of the strikingly attractive tables were made from oak from bowling alleys –  in Saco and elsewhere.

Producing Kombuchery is a complicated and lengthy process that the affable Reid explained.  It’s a fermented tea that is  lengthy and expensive to process that this blogger prefers to rely on  the experts to produce it.  Ultimately, It’s flavored with ginger, blueberries and more listed on a board above the bar for your choosing.

A native upstate New Yorker, Reid has lived all over the US.  He worked in numerous restaurants, but then he met his wife, Kate, from Maine and this is where the couple and their family now live.

Reid said that he is exploring the idea of partnering with the next door A&C Grocery to provide bar food for the brewery.

“Everything is special here,” said Reid when asked.  That is so true.