Romney’s Town Hall Meeting Marred by Unexpected Questions; 400 Attend PYS Rally


Governor Mitt Romney at Town Hall Meeting at PYS

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,081)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney rallied his supporters at a town hall meeting at Portland Yacht Services last night – imploring supporters to attend Maine caucuses today, take friends to vote and make telephone calls to support him in the caucueses today.

Speaking to a crowd of mostly retired people from surrounding areas of Portland, Romney was preaching to the choir. He stuck to familiar Republican themes with which he and his audience were comfortable; sticking with tried and true attacks on President Obama to an audience vetted for protestors. Romney attacked President Obama for his failed policies. “We are here to collect on his promise to serve only one year, if he doesn’t fix things,” he said. “We conservatives are looking for a new candidate to return us to conservative principles. Obama belives that America is succcessful when government takes care of the people.”

Romney turned his attention to “Obama’s attack” on the Catholic Church. “I find it incredible that he would do that. I will stop the assault on religion if elected.” He went on from standard President Obama bashing to the next bashing – reducing the military funding, over regulation of banks, the intrusiveness of government in our lives, etc. Unexpected, however, from the carefully vetted audience were about ten interuptions from one community activist a chemist- by- education and a professional photographer, Steve Demitriou. Following the town hall meeting, Demitriou said he was “challenging Romney’s shallow rhetric. Obama Care is based on Romeny Care in Massachusetts.” Romney promised to do away with Obama Care immediately upon becoming President.

During the half hour or so devoted to Q and A, asked Romney if he believed it was “patriotic to stash his wealth away in the Cayman Islands.” Clearly unprepared for the question on his personal financies, Romney said that’s why he had a trustee watching over his finances, he has not saved any money by having his money in the Cayman Islands and he pays his taxes and not one penny more.

Following the town hall meeting, Demitrious told that several police told him several times that the Portland Complex owners, Phin Sprague, Jr., wanted him to leave the property, but he did not.

In an angry and unsolicited email to following the town hall meeting, Phin Sprague, Jr. said: “I want to comment on the persons who were rude. I heard people talking positively about the opening that the rude uninformed remarks gave Romney to respond politely but firmly logically with knowledge to some one who was being rude and clearly was planted. Being a geologist I know that Romney was correct on fracking. The people who didn’t know what they were talking about are past help, radicalized and their brains are shut off..why bother with them except that…” Chemist Demitrious questioned the fracking practice of oil companies because the chemical composition of the fracking fluids are known only to the oil companies – it is proprietary information and not available to the public.

The only local politician at the rally was city councilor Cheryl Leeman, who is also an aide to Senator Olympia Snow. State officials present included the embattled State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin and former New Hampshire Governor John Sanuu.

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