Adams Condominiums Construction to Start in May


Future Site of Adams Condominiums; Former Site of Marada F. Adams Elementary School

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,082)

The much anticipated redevelopment of the former Marada Adams School on the Hill is on track according to Seth Parker, of Avesta Housing, a non-profit housing agency.

In 2008, Avesta Housing submitted an application for a request for proposal to the development of the former school on the Hill. It was the only response the City received from its RFP. The proposal was to create Beckett Green, a 40 unit residential development and Marada Adams Park, a new facility. At the time, it would comprise one acre and the Park was expected to occupy about a half acre. However, the recession and the resulting difficulty in obtaining loans forced Avesta Housing to drastically downsize the development. It became a 16 unit development with a request to be relieved of its original commitment to be a LEED certified development. However, no decision has been made by the City on that request to date, according to Seth Parker, development director for Avesta Housing. In a recent telephone conversation, Parker said the request was made to “save that extra expense to achieve affordability” in the sale cost of the 16 units.

Proposals for redevelopment of the former school are expected to go out on March 1st – to a select list of buildiers – 6 or 8 Maine based builders, according to Parker for the .75 acre development. It’s anticipated that construction will begin in May – with completion of the Adams Condominiums in the first quarter of 2013.

Adams School was named for Marada F. Adams a long time teacher and principal on the Hill. She was principal of the Shailer School, the Emerson Gramar School in 1898. She taught until her retirement in 1935 at the age of 92 years old. Her long teaching career began in Arootook County when she was sixteen years old.

2 thoughts on “Adams Condominiums Construction to Start in May

  1. I am afraid that the people currently living in that neighborhood have no idea the implications that this development could potentially bring. Where has the opportunity been for local residents to voice their opinion concerning this low-income housing project?

    We have seen increased crime in other low-income housing areas in Portland. To bring this development to an otherwise quiet and peaceful neighborhood is asking for potential trouble.

    It’s too bad to see Portland using their extremely sparse and valuable property for more housing – there are plenty of places outside of Portland (and less expensive) for low-income housing to be developed.

    • Skyler,
      Are you new to the neighborhood? This has been many years in the making and there have been many, many opportunities for neighborhood input. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t have those opportunities to express your concerns. Call Seth Parker at Avesta Housing for details.

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