Research Vessel Gambo Expected at “PYS” Next Month (Again!)


Gambo - Photo Taken Last June at Portland Yacht Services

Gambo - Photo Taken Last June at Portland Yacht Services

By Carol McCracken (Post # 438)

Last June 28, had the pleasure of introducing readers to a research vessel, Gambo, that had arrived at Portland Yacht Services a few days earlier. The 45 ft. steel hulled cutter laid over at PYS to do some refitting in order to complete its NASA funded research journey to the west coast of Greenland.

The Gambo left PYS in July of 2009 for Greenland and arrived safely. After completing its work there, Gambo had planned to return to PYS for this past winter. However, she ran into some mechanical problems and was forced to spend the winter in Nova Scotia. And accordingly, last August she dropped off the radar screen.

The good news is that Dr. Alun Hubbard, owner of the Gambo, is planning another attempt to reach PYS this spring – in fact, early next month if all goes as planned. Dr. Hubbard is a glaciolgist who llectures at Edinborough University and is associated with the Glaciology Center at Aberystwyth University in Scotland. It is unknown at this time whether or not Dr. Hubbard will be aboard Gambo this time.

For more information, please google Gambo.