Repower Maine Announces Two IMPORTANT Events; 6/25 & 6/26 at East End Beach


By Carol McCracken (Post # 502)

Repower Maine has announced two upcoming events that are certain to be of interest to area residents:

The first is a fundraiser for the Gulf Coast which has been devastated by the BP oil spill in April. Come and enjoy live music, complimentary beverages and grass roots activism! The fundraiser is on Friday, June 25th from 6 – 9 PM at 511 Congress Street, Portland. It’s co-hosted by Constellation Gallery.

Funds raised will go to the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund to the fishing communities most affected by the ongoing disaster. For more information about the Oil Spill Fund please visit

Beverages will be donated by Shipyard. A donation of $5. is suggested at the door.

The Second Event announced by Repower Maine is: “Hands Across the Sands”. Set for Saturday, June 26th at 11 am. at the East End Beach on Portland’s East End. Residents from across Maine will stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens on the Gulf Coast in their time of crisis, making a powerful statement: we will not allow the same thing to happen on the Maine coast. We must keep the pressure on to move our policitians in Washington to a clean energy future that does not rely on unsustainable, dangerous and costly fuels. Arrive at the Beach at 11 am for speakers and grassroots activisim. We will join hands briefly at 12 pm. To RSVP please call Colin Beckman at 301 – 767-5411.