Ranked Choice Voting Controversy Causes Uncertainty for Upcoming Race


The announcement by Secretary of State Dunlap that he has been informed that there is a conflict in the law that would stop ranked choice voting from happening has prompted responses from several running for Governor this November.

Attorney General Janet Mills said in a press release:  “The issue caused by the Secretary of State this morning, which I was made aware of for the first time today, needs to be addressed immediately so that the will of the people may be respected.   The more than 62,000 citizens who signed the Peoples’ Veto petition deserves to have their voice heard.  The will of the people must not be thwarted by some technicality in the laws.  I will file legislation today to be presented to the Legislative Council to ensure that Rank Choice Voting is in full effect for this June’s primary as the people have dictated.  I call on the Legislative Council to meet in an emergency session to address this urgent issue,” AG Mills statement ended.  She is running for Governor this fall to replace Governor Paul LePage.

Speaker of the House, Mark Eves, issued the following statement on the controversy:  “You want to know what disgusts people about politics?  Powerful insiders conspiring to ignore the will of the people for their own electoral gain.  For the Attorney General’s office to veto the will of the people in a way that benefits the electoral prospects of the AG is so brazenly political and such a conflict of interest that you’d  roll your eyes if you saw it on House of Cards.  But it just happened here in Maine and Mainers shouldn’t stand for it.”  Speaker Eves is running against AG Janet Mills for the Governor’s position this fall to replacer LePage.

Speaker Eves sued the Governor over an issue several years ago.  It is now in the Boston courts and will be taken up on April 3, 2018.

2 thoughts on “Ranked Choice Voting Controversy Causes Uncertainty for Upcoming Race

  1. I’m confused. First paragraph sounds like Secretary of State causing the issue, and attorney general wants to resolve (to allow) ASAP, called for legislative committee to meet.

    Next paragraph, as I understand it to read, has speaker of the house blaming attorney general for controversy.

    • I’m confused as well. That’s why I reached out to the Speaker for clarification! Hope it comes. Carol

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