Public Workshop on India Street Neighborhood Planning; 9/17


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,527)

The public is invited to attend a workshop on the future of the India Street Neighborhood scheduled for tomorrow evening from 6:30 pm – 8:00 at the Maine Jewish Museum at 267 Congress Street. This is a continutation in a series of public meetings held by Sustain Southern Maine ( to assist in the development of an emerging vision for the future of this area.  Generations ago the lower section of India Street, (once called King Street) was the business and busiest section of Portland, largely due to the waterfront.  It has never had a comprehensive plan as have other neighborhoods and these meetings are considered a forerunner to that possibility.

There will be a presentation and opportunity to comment on the initial results of a Historic Resources Inventory with a focus on the potential creation of an India Street Historic District.  The Franklin Street planning process and its potential impact on the “ISNA” will be discussed as well.  The next steps and the on-going process for building an “ISNA” plan will be discussed.

“We have a situation in which the needs of an improved city street and those of developing neighborhoods are unavoidably interwoven.  We must go forward with full knowledge of all goals and attempt to find the best outcome for all of them.  One project must not be allowed to sub-optimize another.  Toward that end, we must coordinate,” said Hugh Nazor, president of the ISNA in a press release.

For questions, please contact city Senior Planner, Bill Needleman, at 207 – 874-8722, wbn@portlandmanegov.