Portland Pride Parade is Big, Bold and Beautiful; Just the Way We Like It


Equality Maine Lead the Parade This Afteroon. It Began at the corner of Congress and Preble Streets in Downtown Portland Under Sunny Skies and With a Brisk Wind.

Pride Flags Were All Flying in the Upright Position Today at the Parade.

Daryl Shaw, Chuck Randall and Will Chadwock, in Portland Today for the Parade.

Just after 1;30 pm this afternoon the annual Portland Pride Parade began its hour long trek to Deering Oaks Park  for its Festival.  The Parade began at the corner of Congress Street and Preble Street in downtown Portland.

One hundred and fifty two organzations registered this year to participate in the celebration.  although it wasn’t clear how many of thise organizadtions actualy showed up.  The Parade and Festival were expected to attract between 40,000 and 50,000 people – close to the total population of Portland.

Among those partcipating in the Parade were Daryl Shaw, from Hallowell, Chuck Randall from Rome and Will Chadwock also from Hallowell.  The three were participating in the Equality Maine contingent on behalf of the Network for Older Adults. (NOA).  Shaw, 69, said he has placed his name on the wating list for Equality Maine’s subsidized housing wait list on Casco Street.  Daryl grew up in Portland and would like to return here.

It was noted that all Pride flags were flying in an upright position – rather than in an upside down postion as do some flags belonging to others with an ignorant agenda..