Portland Trails Registers 2,000 for Annual Road Race; Over 1,600 Actually Participate


Running shoes of Yoshi Watanabe

Nan Cummings, Exec. Director, PT, With Mark Goettel, Race Director [/caption]

Eric Jesseman, With His Daughter, Erica

By Carol McCracken (Post # 885)

This year Portland Trails registered 2,000 runners for its 12th annual road race – the largest number to ever register for that popular race that benefits the non-profit Portland Trails.

According to race director, Mark Goettel, it was decided to cap the number of entries at 2,000 which had never been done before because the large number of participants would have been too much of a crowd at Portland Company Complex, 58 Fore Street where the award’s are presented. It’s expected that 10 – 20 of registrants will not show and so it was no surprise that just over 1,600 ran/walked the race.

Erica Jesseman, won the women’s race in a record 34.31 time for the 6.2 race. “I drafted off Peter Bottomley the entire race. Without Peter I would not have had the time I had,” she said following the award ceremony at the Portland Company complex. She is a track coach at St. Joseph’s College and is working toward her Master’s in education. Also in the race was her father, Eric. A former runner who took a break because of an injury, he was back in the thick of the race.

The only grumbling was that the host ran out of beer and pizza early. Other than that, it was a wonderful way to celebrate the 20th anniversay of Portland Trails.