Portland Police See Surge in Overdoses from Last Year


The Portland Police Department reported this morning that it has seen an increase in drug overdoses, including a big surge at the end of the year.  During the final week of 2022, there were 20 overdoses reported with 3 of them ending in fatalities.  The previous week there were 10 ovedoses.  The trend hasn’t slowed in 2024, with three overdoses through the first two days.

The overdose numbers from November (34) to December (55) rose by 62% compared to 12.5% a year ago.  It is typical to see a spike in numbers during the holiday season according to the Department’s spokesman, Brad Nadeau.

When asked whether or not the Portland Police Department is looking for connections with South Portland’s Police Department on the alleged number of breakins of restaurants, Nadeau responded:  “We are always looking for connections between crimes of this nature.”