Portland Police Investigate Five Fatal Drug Overdoses in Eleven Days


There have been five deaths since January 9, 2020 that are being attributed to substance use according to a press release issued today by the Portland Police Department.

The victims were a 49 year old female, a 22 year old male, 24 year old male,  35 year old female and a 24 year old male.  One of those deaths was an intentional overdose. All of the deaths remain under investigation by the Portland Police Criminal Investigation Division and the MDEA.

Since January 2, 2020, police have responded to eleven overdoses.  Nine of them were believed to be from the use of opioids (hereoin or fentanyl) Methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana (commonly referred to as spice) are believed to be among the substances used in the other two cases. Opioids are believed to be the cause of death in at least two of the five fatalities.

Narcan, an overdose-reversal drug was administered in five of these non-fatal cases by either first responders or laypeople.  The spike in overdoses is troubling and at this time cannot definitely be linked to one specific substance.

Between 2008 and 2018, Portland had 318 deaths that were attributed to overdoses.

As recently as January 20, 2020, Portland Police assisted with an investigation resulting in the seizure of approximately 375 grams of fetanyl, with a street value of at least $11,000.