Portland Police Department Hires Three New Employees


Three new hires have been added to the Portland Police Department it was announced yesterday.

They are: Alternative Response Liaison, Substance Use Disorder Liaison and Media and Community Relations Liaison.   The Alternative Response Liaison and Media and Community Relations Liaison positions are newly created positions, part of the Department’s continued commitment to progressive policing, community engagement and transparency.  The Substance Use Disorder Liaison position was filled after the first person to hold that role, Oliver Bradeen, recently left to become the new Executive Director at Milestone Recovery.

ANDREA TAATSES is the new Alternative Response Liaison and began her new position yesterday, Monday, February 22, 2021.  She is a licensed Mental Health Clinician with 10 years of clinical experience working with youth, adults and families.

WILLIAM BRUNS, is the new Substance Use Disorder Liaison, started yesterday as well.  Most recently he worked in Saratoga Springs, New York.

DAVID SINGER is the new Media & Community Relations Liaison who also started his position yesterday.  Most recently he worked as a reporter and anchor at WGME-TV.

No salaries of these new employees were given.