Portland Non-profits Receive $$$ Announces Congresswoman Pingree (D)


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) Announced Portland Receipients of Federal Funds..  

Late last month, Congresswoman Chellie PIngree (D), announced funding for multiple Portland non-profit organizations. Two of those non-profits are the Maine Irish Heritage Center and Boots2Roots.

The Maine Irish Heritage Center, 33 Gray Street, is set to receive $3 million to help restore and weatherize this non-profit, formerly St. Dominic’s Church.  This work will allow the Center to continue to serve as a community space and center for cultural education.  The Center needs exterior work done to seal leaks that are causing interior damage.

The 200 year old structure requires an enormous amount of resources for upkeep.  “….renovations will not only allow the Center to continue serving a diverse and lively community in Portland, but will serve as a symbol of our appreciation for the important role Irish immigrants played in Portland history,” said Chellie Pingree (D).

A second of the multiple Portland non-profits to receive federal funding is Boots2Roots, with an office located on Fore Street.  It is scheduled to receive $1.5 milllion to expand its Transition to Work Initiative and bring together an expanded network of small businesses in Maine in need of workers, identify their unique needs and types of jobs available and promote small business opportunities in Maine to transitioning military members and spouses looking to live and work in Maine.  “Meaningful initiatives like this are a great example of just how impactful the return of congressionally directed spending has been for our communities.”

Boots2Roots is the only organization in Maine specifically focused on preparing active-duty mlilitary members to transition out of services working with them for up to a year to help lay the groundwork for immediate success.

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  1. These two grants sound like tax payer money well spent! The “Irish” grant will insure a continued long history for St Dominick’ and the other will assist veterans the opportunity to transition to civilian life which is not an easy adjustment!
    Hats off to Congresswoman Pingree for bringing home worthwhile funds!

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