Kevin McCarthy (R) Calls for Third Ballot Vote for House Speakership Job in Lost Cause


US House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D) from New York Won Easily on the First Ballot in a Show of Unity – the First Black to do So and is Also an Attorney.

Members of Congress in Chambers This Afternoon.

Having lost the first two ballot votes that would make Kevin McCarthy (R) Speaker of the US House, he called for a third ballot vote to start late this afternoon.  It has been said that McCarthy intends to grind down his opponents by repeated votes forcing them into supporting him eventually. So far, in a humiliating defeat, McCarthy has received only 203 votes in support of his Speakership when he needs 218 to win the position he has sought for years.

McCarthy said this morning that he is on record for giving the longest speech for the House floor and he is not adverse to setting a record in the number of ballot votes it takes to elect him Speaker of the House.  In other words, it is his intention to keep Republicans hostage until he gets his House Speakership.  According to some Republicans interviewed on cable news this afternoon, they are looking to pick another Congressman who could garner the required 218 votes to win the Speakership.  The bombastic Jim Jordan, has indicated that he is not interested in the post, although he appears to be a popular choice by the 19 opponents of McCarthy  who voted for Jordan.

When given podium time, Republicans claim there are many problems facing this nation they intend to resolve.  Energy prices, food prices, and border problems are some of them for example.  But lacking strategies on how to solve these issues, the focus from Republican leaders concentrates on the number of investigations they will conduct when they are given the opportunity shortly – with an emphasis on the Biden Crime Family!!

How can anyone trust Republican’s  agenda when they can’t even elect a House Speaker to replace the irreplaceable Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi?!  If not McCarthy, then who can get to 218 votes?