Portland Hosts Feedback Session on Homeless Crisis June 13


Members of the Encampment Behind Trader Joe’s, 87 Marginal Way, Were Removed by the City’s Police Department, With No Where to Go..  Can’t Portland Leaders Do Better Than This?

The public is invited to attend a feedback session on the homeless crisis in Portland on Tuesday, June 13 at 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Ocean Gateway on the waterfront.  Do nothing city officials are looking for ideas on how to resolve the homeless crisis in the city.  The meeting will be live streamed on Zoom, but to participate in public comment, you must attend in person.

Portland is undergoing a crisis in the homeless population and so far the city has not come up with any solutions to this epidemic of homeless people.  An Encampment Crisis Response Team has been formed to respond to the crisis; however, the Team has not come up with any solutions to the crisis..

If members of the landlord/real estate industry would step up to the challenge of the homeless, maybe, its reputation which is at an all-time greedy, low, would be improved.  The City Council is beyond redemption.