Woodfords Corner Farmers’ Market “Builds Community”


David Oberton, Sharpening Knives for a Customer at the Woodfords Corner  Farmers Market

Ethan Whited, (R) Ower of Vagabond Coffee, Serves a Customer From his 1952 International Harvester Truck.

“Some neighborhoods would benefit from a farmers’ market within walking distance,” said Teresa Valliere, president, of the Woodfords Corner Organization, this afternoon at the second week of the newly established market. “Vendors were pleased with their sales following last week  It takes lots of work and lots of volunteers to set  up tables and tents,” she said.  The Woodfords Corner Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm from June 1st until October 5th.  The Market is set up in the Woodfords Church parking lot with plenty of parking for those driving to the Market.

“I never made the decision to become a knife sharpner, it just happened slowly over the years,” said David Orbeton,  who was busy sharpenng knives as customers at the Market learned of his presence there.  Oberton first learned to sharpen knives in Germany while he was working in a restaurant in the 70s.  When he returned to Maine he worked as a carpenter and cabinetmaker.  In that business, he had to sharpen his own tools, so he learned how to do it.  “I stay very busy.  I love my custmers,” said the affable knife sharpner.  He charges $1.25 an inch and takes just a few minutes to do the job. David sharpens knives, scissors and garden tools.  One of his favorite parts of working at Farmers’ Markets is bartering with other vendors.  Last week was a  hot day, so he bartered for some delicious ice cream in return for his knife sharpening service.For more information on his service, please contact David at 207 – 210-2559 or at:  david@wickedsharpknives.com  He asks customers not to bring “naked knives” into the Farmers’ Market.  Wrap them securely in newspaper, a towel, etc.

“I want to make Vagabond Coffee a household name,”  said Ethan Whited, who was selling his own coffee from a 1952 Internatioal Harvester truck that he has converted ito a food truck. Coffee sales were brisk for Ethan because of the cool spring day.  Ethan sells coffee at weddings, farmers’ markets and similar events.   Ethan is a frequent vendor at Congress Square Park functions where his Nitro Cold Brew is a particularly populat drink. A high school technology and engineering teacher, he says he loves trucks.  Selling food and drink from trucks is a very common concept in Europe.  “I’ve seen trucks used this way in England and Ireland,” he said.For more information, please contact Ethan at 207 – 295-6982 or visit vagabondmaine.com.

Standing in the Woodfords Church parking lot eating a pretzel from one of the new vendors was Brittaney Sampson who said:  “A Farmers’ Market is a good way to build community.  And we all need community.”

Please visit post herein dated June 1, 2023 for more background information on the launch of the Woodfords Farmers’ Market.