Portland High School Seniors Gather at the Eastern Promenade for Photos Before the Senior Prom; The Long “Colorful” Line!


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Senior Mary Badger With Her Father on the Eastern Promenade this Afternoon

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,145)

Weather permitting, it is a tradition for Portland High School seniors to gather on the Eastern Promenade with family and friends for a magnificant photo opportunity; sparkling Casco Bay in the background. It seemed that almost everyone who wasn’t a graduating senior, had a camera in hand snapping photo after photo of the happy graduates.

“It’s like Hollywood here. Snap, snap, snap,” said one proud dad, Campbell Badger. His daughter, Mary, is headed to Smith College in the fall to study marine biology. But first there is the prom at the Italian Heritage Center tonight.

Around 250 students are in the senior class.