Where is Portland on the Flooding of Texas? AWOL.


Where is City Hall on the Flooding in Florida? AWOL!

Where is Portland on the Flooding of Texas?

There has been a deafening silence from city hall in Portland on this disaster.  No one has issued a statement on the Texas tragedy in its too often parochial view of life. Portland is not a community unto itself, although it sometimes acts as though it is.  Is there a lack of  empathy for the residents of Houston and the surrounding area?   City manager Poor Jon markets himself as a business man – so does that make him exempt from human suffering because it’s out of his area of responsibility – from Portland to Texas?

Often ready to issue a press release on painful human situations liberal Mayor Ethan Strimling has been strangely silent and out of the loop as well.

Where are you Portland  on this tragedy?  Awkwardly silent.  AWOL.