“Dunk Mayor” Popular Attraction at Senior Smash Carnvial Today


Portland’s Mayor Ethan Strimling Welcomes All Challenges from his Dunk Tank.

Meg Metcalf, 62+ Program Director for the City of Portland Today.

Kazaam Maritato, Was Selling Hot Dogs. He Often Sells Them at Congress Sq. Park, Portland.

The Bounce House was Manned by Jim Welch of the Parks & Rec. Department.

Julianne Leveille, 4, is All Smiles When She Gets Her Octopus Balloon  From Sweetums the Clown & Friends Today,

The first ever Senior Smash Carnival held at Payson Park had everything today:  sunshine, hot dogs, music, games and an especially popular attraction – a Dunk The Mayor Tank!

The Carnival went off today without a hitch.  It’s purpose was to get the word out to the public about the city’s program for those 62+ years old.  The city’s seniors’ program offers events here in Portland as well as trips within the city and out of the city.  An upcoming event is a white water rafting trip according to Meg Metcalf. Program Director.  The cost is $80.00. for the rafting trip.   Participants receive a monthly newsletter listing upcoming events.

“What pro team do your play for?” kidded the Mayor.  “That’s quite an arm you have.”  Andy Reidy, dunked the Mayor in all three of his tries. Andy said later that he was a pitcher in high school in Amesbury, MA.   Unfortunately, during his senior year he required surgery on his elbow and could not play that year.  He’s looking for a college scholarship and hopes something will turn up soon.  Probably the Mayor would vouch for the accuracy of his pitching.

For a small donation many took their shots with a plastic baseball at a button near the tank. If hit the Mayor got dunked in a tank of  water delivered by the Portland Fire Department.   The Mayor got dunked numerous times, actually. Fortunately, for him it was a warm and sunny day.

There were between ten and fifteen vendors for the day said Metcalf.   Next year we’ll do a similar event, but we are not sure yet what she said.

The Mayor has been growing a beard this summer. Today he said he’s going to let it grow until Labor Day and then decide what to do with it.  Any suggestions for his beard?

For more information on the city’s 62+ program, please email Meg at: mcm@portlandmaine.gov