Portland Assistant City Manager Steps Down for Health Reasons


Heather Brown, Assistant City Manager to City Manager Jon Jennings, Has Stepped Down From Her Position for Health Reasons.

Portland Assistant  City Manager Heather Brown announced today that she is stepping down from her role for health reasons.  She has been on medical leave since June.  Brown will not be able to return to work full time until next year and as such stepping down will allow her to focus on her treatment and recovery.

Brown explained:  “Unfortunately my treatment is taking longer than we could’ve anticipated.  I love my job, but stepping out of the Assistant City Manager position will give me the time I need to focus on my treatment and recovery and will allow the city to fill my position with someone who can dedicate 100% to the job right now.  I cannot thank Jon and the executive team enough for their continued support for me and my family this past year.”

“Heather’s decision is a huge loss for the city, but one in which I completely understand and support as health and family will always come first,” said city manager Jon Jennings.  Heather brought a great deal of expertise to this role and we benefited greatly during her time with us.  I wish her a smooth and speedy recovery and will always be supportive of her in her future endeavors.”

Ms. Brown began her employment in Portland as of June of 2019. She replaced Michael J. Sauschuck who went to work for the State Department of Public Safety in Augusta. For more information on Ms.Brown, please read the post herein dated April 10, 2019.

City Manager Jon Jennings will begin a search for a new assistant city manager.  Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2021. Salary range is $130,000 – $140,000 yearly, depending on experience and qualifications.