Police Searching for Suspect in Hit and Run Crash; No Injuries Reported, on Forest Avenue


The Parking Lot Across From 39 Forest Avenue Where the Incident Happened.

Flags Flying up and Down Congress Street Today and Yesterday. in Preparation for Patriot’s Day on Monday, April 18, 2022.  It is Celebrated in New England.

On Friday, April 15, at approximately 7:55 am., a male operating a tractor trailer attempted to turn into a parking lot at 39 Forest Aenue which houses the city of Portland’s Health and Human Services Department according to a press release issued late this morning by the Portland Police Departrment.

The trailer of the truck hit an unoccpied parked car and caused that car to collide with another unoccupied car.  The trailer than struck the building causing minor damage to the building and significant damage to the trailer.  The operator then backed out with several turns and struck another unoccupied, unmarked police car belonging to the Maine State Police.  Once the operator freed the vehicle, he drove away from the scene.

At this time, the trailer and the truck have been recovered at separate locations outside the city by the Maine State Police.  The investigation continues and police are working to identify the operator.  A person of interest has been identified, but no arrests or positive ID have been made.

Portland Police are aware of the online video showing most of the crash scene and thank our partners for sharing it with us to further the investigation.

If anyone has any information that could help police, please call 207 – 874-8575.