DUNES Grand Opening on Munjoy Hill May 13th


Boru O’Brien-O’Connell, an Artist and Owner of DUNES, Paints the Walls as Gus, a Friend’s Black Lab, Watches.  If You Look Hard, You Can See Boru in the Back Right of the Space – Look Really Hard, Though!  (Photo by Katie McElearney, a Munjoy Hill Resident.)

Vesse, a 2019 Colored Penciled on Paper, is the Work of Huston.

DUNES, a Multi-Discipline Art Space, to be Located at 251 Congress Street.

You are invited to attend the Grand Opening of DUNES,  a multi-discipline art space on Friday, May 13, 2022, at 251 Congress Street, on Munjoy Hill according to Boru O’Brien-O’Connell, an artist and owner of the new art space.  The Grand Opening will run from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

YES.  That is Friday, May 13 –  a date that will be easy to remember, although you may want to make a note of it on your calendar anyway!

The inaugural exhibit, on the politics of agriculture, is the art work of Miles Huston. It’s a sculpture installation; 2D. The show will be mounted for a little over a month at DUNES.

Meanwhile, Boru is working on the next show expected to be a group show, but details on that are not yet available.  He will be featuring both local artists and from away artists.

“It will be a fluid space,” said Boru.  “It will not be limited to exhibitions.”  There will be screenings, live performances, comedy and much more he promises.

Huston is a New Jersey city-based artist, designer and curator.  Huston, who received his MFA from Yale University has had solo and group shows in many cities across the country.  Those cities include:  Detroit, New York and Los Angeles.  Huston co-founded the artist-run space KNOWMOREGAMES and is a member of the Gryorgy Kepes Panel Committee, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Boru, said he was looking for a suitable venue for his space and happened to walk past 251 Congress Street, formerly a Yoga studio, that had been vacant for months.  He contacted the owner who was then Alice Dunn, of Portland Architectural Salvage on Preble Street.  Since that original contact with Ms. Dunn, the property has been sold to Lee Farrington, of LB Kitchen.  Meanwhile, Boru has been working to build out the site to his specifications. Farrington formerly owned FIGA restaurant in the same space as LB Kitchen is now located.

Boru, from Bar Harbor, lived in Brooklyn, New York, for fifteen years.  He recently returned to his home state.  He holds an MFA from Bard College.  Boru is a photographer who makes videos as well.

DUNES will be open Wednesday – Saturday from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm, although that is subject to change.  Please visit @dunes.fyi for much more.

For more information on FIGA, its water rights struggle with Farrington’s former landlord there, Alice Dunn and much more, please visit posts herein dated September 24, 2021, March 4, 2022 and June 3, 2014.