Police Investigate Hate Mailings; Seek Public Assistance in Solving Mailings


Portland’s Police Chief at his Induction in September of 2019.

On January 5, 2021, Portland Police received reports from three residents that they received threating letters in their mail.  Since that time we have received six more complaints with two of the reports occurring in late October with a different type of mailing.

The mailings received in October contained an invitation to an address on Capisic Street to discuss current political and social justice issues.  The mailings were similarily addressed as the recent mailings.  There were no threatening messages contained within these letters, but the topics to be discussed targeted multiple groups and would be described as disconcerting.  The letter mailed to the family that lived at the Capisic Street address and said that would be hosting the events.  These people were spoken with and there is no reason to believe they were involved in the mailings.

The October mailings were sent to hones on Pinecrest Road and Brentwood Street.

The recent mailings were sent to homes on Fessenden Street, Whitney Avenue, Dartmouth Street, Dorothy Street, Capisic Street and two homes on Brighton Avenue.  Each of these homes had displayed either flags or posters supporting LGBTQ+ rights, Black Lives Matter, or a political candidate.

In each case, the letter was addressed to “Residents” with the correct address and no return address.  We are asking anyone that may receive a letter matching this description to not open it, limit handling of the letter and contact your local law enforcement agency.

“The city of Portland is a very welcoming and tolerant community yet we have zero tolerance for those who choose to spread hate and fear from the shadows,” said Chief Frank Clark.  “We continue to investigate the source of these disconcerting letters and are asking for the public’s assistance in helping us pull back the curtain on the person responsible for these mailings.”

If anyone has any information that could help Police solve this crime, please call 207 – 874-8575.