Planning Office Received Two Applications to Be Reviewed Internally – Only


An application has been received by the city’s planning office to repair the pond dam and build a new overflow at 896 Seashore Avenue on Peaks Island.  This repair requires “dewatering” the pond and dredging soil behind the dam.  Plans may be seen at city hall planning office, 4th floor by referring to ID # 2017-165 or by contacting Jean Fraser at:  The project will be reviewed for approval internally by staff and not receive public scrutiny.

The second application from the Maine Port Authority received by the planning office is for the replacement of a maintenance and operations building at the International Marine Terminal, 454 Commercial Street.  The almost 10,000 sq. ft. building will also have a new curb cut to serve as a parking lot for 20 vehicles.  The new building will be built at the northeast corner of the property, near the Maine Port Authority headquarters. Plans may  be viewed at the planning office, city hall, 4th floor, by referring to ID # 2017-166. For more information, please contact Shukria Wiar at:   Likewise, this application will be reviewed internally by city staff and not be subject to public scrutiny.