Planning Board Meetings to go Forward Today – Despite Weather


The City of Portland has announced that both planning board meetings will go forward today as planned.  There was uncertainty until moments ago because city manager Jon Jennings closed city hall and other city buildings due to weather conditions in Portland today.

That means that the afternoon workshop on the city’s request to ;permit the construction of a 75 ft. cold storage warehouse on the western waterfront and tonight’s meeting to consider the planning department’s protection ordinance for Fort Sumner Park will go forward as planned.

For more background information on the cold storage warehouse request by the city of Portland, please visit post dated January 18, 2017 herein.  For more background information on Fort Sumner Park proposed protection ordinance, please visit post dated January 23, 2017 herein.

Please see previous post for more background information on the closing of city hall and its buildings today because of the bad weather.