Pingree Makes Push to Federally Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day


“Notes on a Lost Flute, A Field Guide to the Wabanaki,”by Kerry Hardy is a Highly Regarded Paperback Availacble at the Portland Public Library, Burbank Branch.

Yesterday, Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) announced she is cosponsoring legislation that would make Indigenous Peoples Day a federal holiday, replacing Columbus Day.  The bicameral Indigenous Peoples Day Act was recently introduced by Representatives and Senators from California, Oregon, Kansas, Washington, and New Mexico.  Maine is among the 13 states, including the District of Columbia that recognizes Indigenous Peoples Day as a holiday on the state level.

“Columbus Day has long been a paintful reminder of the suffering that was inflicted on Indigenous peoples in North America and the ongong disparity in opportunity and treatment offered to them by the federal government. I am proud that, in 2019, Maine took overdue steps to recognize the contributions of the Wabanaki Confederacy and acknowledge this painful legacy by declaring the second Monday in October  to be Indigenous Peoples Day,” said Congresswoman Pingree.  “But we need a national reckoning, too.  President Biden set a hopeful tone in 2021 when for the first time in US history, the day federally known as Columbus Day, was commerated as Indigenous Peoples Day with a presidential proclamation.  By declaring Indigenous Peoples Day, a federal holiday, Americans have the opportunity to acknowledge our shared history and recognize native tribes as this land’s true first inhabitants.”

“This blogger continues to be curious as to why the local daily newspaper never does pieces on the considerable accomplishments of Congresswoman Chellie PIngree (D)_  Could it be that it is a conservative publication that can’t admit that Senator Collins (R) is a total failure when it comes to meeting the needs of Maine residents?”  I think so.

Monday, October 9th is a holiday – Coumbus Day in many states in the country.  In Maine it is Indigenous Peoples Day a holiday as well.